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Hurst Botanicals
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Light, bubbly & infused with a little wildness

Here at Hurst Botanicals we create light and bubbly botanical soft drinks for you to enjoy from our botanical brewery in Co.Clare.

We are a small Irish drinks producer that uses tea botanicals and fermentation methods to curate light, bubbly soft drinks infused with a little wildness, including kombucha.

As well as tingling taste buds, Hurst was founded to connect people and nature for greater wellbeing. 

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The Hurst Philosophy


Hurst are passionate about the beauty and diversity of nature and look to protect it. We believe that
a deeper connection to nature is key to better wellbeing. We look to make a difference to everyday nature around us through local biodiversity causes.

Responsibly sourced

We are so proud to be flying the Fairtrade flag here at Hurst. Any ingredients in our drinks that can be ethically sourced as Fairtrade are. Meaning a fairer price to the farmers we trade with.

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Our drinks are wellness focused, providing light, crisp alternatives to high sugar offerings. Our botanical drinks are blended with a light kombucha base for added wellbeing.