The Hurst Way

Our drinks are expertly curated and celebrate the curious character of natural cultures and tea botanicals.
We spent over a year finding the perfect blend of tea botanicals to deliver all round wellbeing drinks that taste light and refreshing.
We take these botanicals and carefully brew them to extract all of the nutrients our fermentation cultures require.
We then blend our nurtured Hurst cultures with the nutritious brew and FairTrade cane sugar to create the perfect conditions for them to thrive.
Our fermentations can take over 2 months before they are ready to be used, never rushed.
When our complex fermented bases are ready we infuse them with 100% natural flavours inspired by our native hedgerows and orchards.
An ode to the nature around us we want to mind and help.
There is so much passion packed into these little bottles of Hurst.
We really hope you enjoy tasting them as much as we have making them!