Inspired by Nature,
Nurtured In Ireland

Why Hurst Was Founded

Ellen & Alex are passionate about nature, food and drink, but had regularly wondered if the food and drink they were enjoying together was sustainable and if it was impacting on nature.
In 2022 after years of experimenting with Kombucha Hurst was launched. A sustainably, ethical focused soft drink.

The Origins of Hurst

Inspired and founded in the South Downs National park with its rolling hills (Hursts) and natural wildness.
A Hurst is an old English word for wooded hill.
Ellen & Alex wanted to create drinks that represented nature and the wellbeing that nature gives us.
Every time you buy a Hurst drink, you can be sure it is made to make you feel good about yourself from the inside out! 

Our Botanical Brewery

From brew to bottle, our drinks are proudly produced in our botanical brewery in the beautiful Co.Clare, Ireland.
We spent several months building our small but purpose built brewery from second-hand materials where possible to minimise our environmental impact.
Within our brewery we have created unique fermentation processes to give your drinks that little extra zing and celebrate the curious cultures nature has to offer.

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Hurst & Nature

Here at Hurst we are passionate about biodiversity.
We have an ambition to make a measurable difference to the biodiversity levels in Ireland through local causes and people.
Stay tuned to our journey as we work with people and nature to reach these goals.

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